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Enhancing the feed value of cereals, wholecrops and straws. 

What is Grain pHro+?

Grain pHro+ is an innovative way of enhancing the nutritional value of all cereals, wholecrops, straw and other fibrous materials. When Grain pHro+ is applied to a wide range of feeds it will aid the storage while increasing the feed value. Grain pHro+ treated feeds are converted to an alkaline state, have an increased protein content and are more digestible to livestock. The improvements will result in significant improvement in livestock performance and reduce production costs.

Grain pHro+ can be used on a wide range of feeds such as:

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Compound blends

Cereal wholecrop


Dried pulps / pulses

Fibrous feeds

Image by Johannes Plenio

Grain pHro+ is an enzyme blend which, when combined with feed grade urea, produces a high protein, high pH, highly digestible feedstuff

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The Feed Enhancement Procedure

  • Grain pHro+ can be applied at harvest time for storing of grain, or at any stage during the year

  • Harvest moisture content of the grain must be between


  • Grain pHro+ can be applied to whole or crushed grains

  • It can be applied using mixer wagons or calibrated applicators

  • A standard application rate of 5kg Grain pHro+ enzyme and 15kg feed grade urea per 1 tonne of grain.

  • Covering grain for approximately 14 days after treatment will ensure optimum enhancement of the grain

  • After 14 days the treatment process is complete and the grain is ready for feeding

  • Grain pHro+ treated at harvest time can be stored for up to 12 months

  • Dried grains can be treated with Grain pHro+ at any time throughout the year

The Grain pHro+ enhancement process results in an excellent storage solution and nutritional improvement of the feed

When combined with feed grade urea, Grain pHro+ produces ammonia gas which will sterilise the feed, increase the protein content and convert it to an increased pH.


Calcium carbonate salts produced during the reaction process delignifies the fibres in the plant cell walls making a highly digestible feed.

Feed Enhancemet

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Grain pHro+ Feeding

Grain pHro+ enhanced feeds have an increased protein content of, on average, 4.5%. This results in lowering the requirements for purchasing additional protein feeds. Grain pHro+ treated feed can be successfully fed to all categories of ruminants. The alkaline nature of the feeds allows for higher rates of quality cereals and wholecrops to be fed in a safe manner. Performance of beef, dairy and sheep animals are improved significantly while in a safe and more sustainable manner.

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Grain pHro Protein Comp Chart.png
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